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Would you like to see Grim fandago on Wii

Not possible anyway
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Residual/Grime/GRIM FANDANGO

Post by Coes »

Hi there. im curently playing Me3 on wii and remembering the good old times. While playing i wondered if it will be possible to run my faforite point and click adventure on the wii anytime soon. Grim Fandago. I dont know programming or coding at all so i have no clue if it will be possible or not, so im asking here at the surce. Origanal disks of grim fandango are awayble of cause. so tell me. will it be possible to play Grim fandango on wii (with gamecube controler or something like this)

make me happy :)

startet a poll also to see how many people beside me are intressted (increasing pressure :P)

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Post by Vurtual »

As Grim Fandango isn't yet in the list of games supported by ScummVM it won't be possible to play it on the Wii soon :(

..but I voted for it ;)

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Post by chojin »

Isn't Grim a 3D-Game controlled without a pointer? I don't think those Engines will make it into SCUMMVM.

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Post by fingolfin »

Grim Fandango will indeed never be supported by ScummVM, which is exclusively focuse on 2D click&point graphics adventures.

There is a subproject, Residual, which is for Grim Fandango support (and maybe one day Monkey Island 4), however, virtually nobody is actively working on it, and hence it has been lumbering in pseudo-coma for a looong time. Don't hold your breath on this working well on a desktop PC, much less on a Wii.

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Post by garrythefish »

I'm sorry for renewing the topic, but I think it would be useful to note that with the split, Residual became a separate project and therefore all discussion of this kind would be more appropriate to have in the Residual official forum.

Also, concerning the Wii port, in my opinion it would be nice to hear the opinion of ScummVM's porter, dhewg , on the possibility of it being ported on the Nintendo console. Since the project still isn't in shape, it will probably take some time for a Wii port to happen.

Just for the record. Cheers :)

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Post by Red_Breast »

I guess Coes posted as he/she has never heard of Residual. And if that is the reason then that's why it's being discussed here.

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