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ScummVM Channel with BANNER

Post by sky8000 »

Hi all, i've tried ScummVM Wii Channel (Paradox Version with Banner) but it seems to have some kind of problem because anytime I exit the ScummVM or a game the program throws a Program Exception on a black screen.

Has anyone tried this version ?
I am unable to find any information about this problem on the net.

Version: ScummVM 0.12.0svn FULL Wiimote Support(IR too)

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Post by ICEknight »

My guess is that it tries to return to the loader which hasn't been loaded in the first place, being a self-boot channel.

I'd ask Paradox to fix it instead of the devs at these boards, since he made it unofficially.
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Post by ascummyguy »

The Paradox ScummVM channel is not official or supported here, so it's doubtful you will get much help. You'd be better off posting at dcemu in their Wii news forum if you want help. Paradox posts there.

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Post by dhewg »

these poorly hacked together channels don't install any code at the expected memory location, thats why you get an exception.

please use the latest build i posted at the wiibrew wiki, that should work just fine.

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Post by sky8000 »

I've installed the latest version of Homebrew Channel and ran ScummVM from a DOL executable and it seems to work fine.

Thankyou all for your help.

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