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Post by dhewg »

Updated first post.
the most recent nightly builds support USB2 mass storage devices now. USB2 requires HBC v1.0.8, and HBC itself must use IOS58.
See hackmii.com

Hope you like it ;)
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

Wow! This is truly excellent! Thank you for your hard work, dhewg!
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Post by bananaslug79 »

Excellent, indeed. After updating my HBC and such to get IOS58 support, I found this forum that explained why my ScummVM install stopped being able to read my hard drive. Updated it to a nightly build and voila! 7th Guest on my TV again!

Thanks for the great support and a great program.
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Post by Abram »

I cannot get the DVD of games I just burned to work with the latest nightly build of ScummVM-Wii. When I click on "Add game," it only lets me select directories on the SD card. Do the nightly builds have DVD support or am I going to have to compile my own build?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it working. I didn't realize you had to press "1" and then mount the DVD. Maybe this info could go into the "Readmii" file?
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Post by Paperman »

Will there be a 1.4.1 Release for the Wii?

I would love to see usb2.0 support and the newest release on the wii.
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