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Post by DJWillis »

Hi Jaffacakelover,

Can you drop a mail to ScummVM-devel if you get a chance? We would love to look at using your keyboard graphics (or some variants of them) in the main ScummVM codebase and, if you are willing, it would be great to have someone good at graphics helping to mature this feature.

The current keyboard graphics packs are purely a demo layout to test functionality and do not really make for a good usable setup. Let’s be 100% honest, nice graphics they are not :wink:.

I was going to reply to all the points in detail but Sev beat me to it on most of them.

Anyway, moving on to your points. I do not see them as a kick, it's great to have some feedback (I think only the Wii and GP2X/GP2XWiz are using the code currently).

* Is there a way to have 2 modifiers on the same key? Looking for a method where pressing the shift key will set the display to 'uppercasesymbols' and use the modifier, the switch back to 'lowercasesymbols' once an alphanumeric key is picked!

If I understand that correctly, not a problem as it’s not really 2 modifiers, but 2 distinct regions on 2 separate mapping images.

* Related to above, why the symbols key? Would save a lot of code to just have the symbols appear when you press shift/Caps lock!

It’s just there as a demo in the default keymap, layout is not really a problem.

* Can the font in the textbox be made bigger? Can the brackets around the alphanumeric keys in this textbox be removed? Is the code for all this in the XML file or elsewhere?

Yes and yes. Some people really like the brackets, some less so. Sev sums it up well.

*Closely related to the previous question, is it possible to call what's already in a clicked-on box into the textbox (eg. clicking on a named save game)?

Now that needs a little bit of work but it’s not a bad idea.
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Post by Jaffacakelover »

Yes, incorporate it, by all means! Just take this zip, I changed a line or two since last night :) ...

SCUMM-devel: OK, signed up to SourceForge, found the page, requested to join!
Feel free to move these last few posts into a thread there!

Here comes a pseudo-techie infodump!

Already working on version 2; has a lot less code in it, because removing the symbols key means only 2 states are needed: 'lowercase' and 'uppercasesymbols'. This also means less .BMPs and a smaller filesize!

The '2 modifiers on shift' thing is to get it more like the Wii one. An example of ideal function would be:

1) Click on the 'Shift' key - all the keys display uppercase letters and [Shift+] appears in the textbox.
2) Click on the 'A' key - the letter [A] is added to the textbox and all the keys revert to showing lowercase letters.

Making 2 separate keys with the same co-ordinates works, but doesn't show [shift+] in the textbox, just [T] if i click on t. It also doesn't set the keys back to lowercase once an alphanumeric letter is picked. What is the syntax for 2 Types/Modifiers on the same Event?
Not sure having alphanumeric keys turn uppercasesymbols off would work, as that might break the capslock function.

Editing capabilities: I mean if the save is called 'save001', there must be way when you click on it for '[s][a][v][e][0][0][1]' to appear in the textbox of the vkeybd.
Example: Wanting to overwrite an existing savegame with a different one. Currently I have to click on the save, bring up the keyboard, click on [backspace] a bunch of times, then close it to check i've got rid of all the letters, then open it again to type the new name in (so there's not a long stream of [backspace] impairing my view)!

A possible "version 3" would unfortunately be a big rewrite, as it'd bring the more asthetic features of the Wii version:
* A movable I-bar, allowing editing of all characters rather than just tail characters (using left & right on the d-pad or clicking with the IR pointer)
* User feedback when the mouse is over a key: a light wiimote rumble and resizing the highlighted key to 120%. That would mean making each key an individual bitmap, and they may need orientating by it's centerpoint for scaling, as well as maintaining their boundary coordinates!
* Clicky sounds: not really necessary at all![/b]
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Post by Red_Breast »

Nice work Jaffa.
I just had a look at it. For some stuff like Indie boxing you need a physical USB but in other cases the virtual key/b does the job.
Looking forward to version 2 but shoot for the sky and go for version 3. We all love that little wiimote rumble. :wink:
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Post by Jaffacakelover »

I love that little wiimote bump too, but you'll have to request that from the actual coders! -_-
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keyboard missing!

Post by drvipej »

Hi, I just installed 1.3 on the wii. Seem not to be able to get the keyboard coming up with he down arrow key, like it use to with the old version.
Am I missing anything?
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Post by rorysl »

Hey folks, new to the forum and looking for help with keyboards and the Wii port of ScummVM. Apologies if this question is answered in this thread, I read through it and am still a bit lost.

I just installed ScummVM on my Wii and am hoping to be able to play through the Sierra AGI (typing-based) games which feature enhanced sound. The ports of ScummVM for PS3 and ScummVMX for Xbox don't seem to be able to run the copy of Space Quest II I've got, but the Wii version boots it no problem. Unfortunately, I can't get my keyboard to work...

I'm running the newest nightly build and it boots Space Quest II no problem but my keyboard doesn't appear to be working. Its a wired HP keyboard and I've tried it in both USB ports (I'm hoping it will work in the right port since I'm using the left port for my USB drive) but it doesn't seem to be working at all.

Is there a different build/version of ScummVM Wii I should be using? If so, where would I find it? Or is there any trick I'm missing to get the Wii to recognize my keyboard? I'd try a different one but it's the only wired keyboard I have on hand right now.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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Post by AReim1982 »

Try the following Version (1.9), it uses a newer DevKit + Libs:
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Post by rorysl »

Thanks for the reply -- I'll install that newer version anyway, just to keep up to date! it turns was just my keyboard. Borrowed a different model keyboard (still HP) and it works perfect!

AND...dug out a wireless (RF) keyboard, Logitech, and it works too!
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