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Post by Maeode »

So far having no trouble with scummvm wii, runs all my classic lucas arts games perfectly :D

Discworld is giving me issues though... It runs fine on my pc version of scummvm, but in the wii version when I launch the game it just sits at a black screen forever. I can power the system down with the wiimote, the power button, or the reset button (the reset button takes me back to the homebrew channel)

Any tips for what I can try? I'd also like to run the game with James Woodcocks updated soundtrack, but have tried launching the game with and without the extra path for the different soundtrack

additional info: I'm using my cd copy of the game. copied all the files directly from my disc

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Post by roglon »

Hi Maeode,

I had the same issue with the official builds for Wii (1.5.0 and also some of the official daily build). My German version of Discworld was giving black screen and Discworld II crashed, whereas other games (Lucasarts, Inherit the Earth, ...) where running fine. As there where hints that the error is related to game file reading or language detection, I did some tests (like changing the case of filenames on the SD card), but unfortunatly I could not fine out how to debug (with logfiles) and also not manage to find enough information for a solution or for filing a concrete bug report.

Therefore I have tried building ScummVM from latest git with DevKitPPC r26. This revealed some falltraps. E.g. DevKitPPC directory handling has changed over versions and needed corrections in ScummVM code. With the self-compiled version now Discworld I and II run perfectly fine on the Wii.

Maybe the version of DevKitPPC used for building ScummVM official builds is breaking the Wii version of Tinsel engine?


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