ScummVM 1.5 constant coredumps on wii compared to 1.4

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ScummVM 1.5 constant coredumps on wii compared to 1.4

Post by fullmetalengineer »

I been using the daily builds for wii since regular releases have been abandoned.. on scummvm 1.4 I could load and play through unsupported games like KQ6, Gabriel knight, LSL6 cd.. etc..

I ended up upgrading to 1.5+ builds and nothing but constant coredumps!! on the games I listed above. Is there a way I can get code for 1.4 wii?? for the last couple of months I hoped 1.5 daily builds would eventually become more stable but this doesn't seem to be the case at all for Wii..

I have done clean wipes and ran on the default settings to produce these issues. Is anyone experiencing anything different?
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Post by beerfield »

ECSS made for me 1.5.0 build but there are some problems with it (Discworld and Discworld 2 don't work, but Loom is working awesome).

If you want I could send you link that you could see and make corrections :)
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Post by Axel »

I upgraded to official 1.5.0 release and it is experiencing the same problems.

Scumm Engine games run awesome, but all SCI games result in codedump (SQ 3-5, LSL 5-6, etc). They ran fine in previous official build (1.3.1).

It is also still experiencing the issue I posted some months ago detecting SQ4.

Does anyone know if somebody is still maintaining this port? Since it looks like dhewg is out of the Wii scene. Does anybody know who was the responsible for the 1.5.0 official build? maybe he can take a look.
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Post by fullmetalengineer »

you're right the official 1.5 port for Wii still has these crashing issues..

Please is there anyone out there that can port code from 1.4 to Wii? I have no idea why I can't download a 1.4 version for wii anymore from the site.. I know the buildbot of 1.4 which no longer exists had far more support than the current 1.5..

if someone has a copy of it somewhere or could send me a build I would greatly appreciate it. I was able to play Gabriel Knight all the way to the end on it :(
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Post by Tagave »

Has this ever been resolved? Because I'm suffering from the same kinds of problems on 1.5 (completed Lara Bow 2 on it and now can't load my saves on the current version).
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Post by digitall »

Firstly, we try to maintain savegame compatibility / loading of older savegame formats(as it helps regression testing), but it is not guaranteed as we occasionally need to break compatibility as the older savegame format for an engine had a bug causing corrupted savestates.

I suspect that the Wii port issues are related to problems in the libogc upgrade as newer versions are known to be buggy and our maintainer was having significant trouble trying to pin down and patch these: ... tid=418820

However, I don't see that you have filed any formal bugs on these in our bug tracker... If you do so, we may be able to help investigate this and apply fixes.

If you really want to help fix the Wii port, then maybe you should take a look at debugging or fixing these issue yourself!

The following links should help:
This covers the basics of getting the source code, compiling and debugging a build: ... ng_started

This covers the specifics of setting up a cross compiler and toolchain for the Wii and building with it:

Automatically generated nightly builds for the stable (v1.5.0) and development master (v1.6.0git) branches can be found from here:

Please feel free to work on this, no one is stopping you...
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