iPhone Malware and ScummVM install instructions

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iPhone Malware and ScummVM install instructions

Post by Lord Savage »

In light of the fact that some some miscreants have created an iPhone malware that allows them to browse and pull off any files from any jailbroken iPod touch or iPhone that has OpenSSH installed and are still using the default alpine password; I think the install instructions should at least be updated to recommend changing that default password to something else. What do the rest of you think?

More details on the exploit can be found here
http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/11 ... king_tool/
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Post by Robo-X »

I would like to add that it's possible to make it a lot easier to put games on the iphone. I would have added this to the wiki but I don't have an account there. Anyway to do it you need to install Airsharing (free or pro) or any other file sharing app for the iPhone. Once it is installed copy the game to the shared directory on the iPhone.

Now open ScummVM on the iPhone and click on the Add game button. As ScummVM is not an official iPhone App it can access files outside it's install folder. That gives us an option to go to this directory /var/mobile/Applications/. Depending on how many applications you have installed there might be many folders called something like 2044b585-9ff5-44d0-a2F3-8eaa5835ee0a. The tricky part is to find the right folder that belongs to the Airsharing.app. Try until you find the right folder. Once you find the right folder go to Documents/Air Sharing/ and you will see the games you copied there. The good thing is that ScummVM remembers the last folder it used so you can add and remove games easily once it's setup properly.

Once it's setup you can easily add and remove games without enabling ssh and using scp clients.

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