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Post by fingolfin »

yonosoytu, please read up on the relevant threads. This has been rehashed here several times by now: The Appstore terms of services are incompatible with what you propose. For details read e.g. the "Thoughts on the App Store" thread and others.
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Post by yonosoytu »

fingolfin, I have read the thread you pointed me, but my point is not trying to put ScummVM in the App Store, you seem pretty against that, and your reasons you will have.

My point is: I am in the iPhone Developer Program, I can compile binaries and install it on my non-jailbroken machines (why not jailbroken? well, I can not develop for the iPhone if I can not test in the same environment my application will run). Some people I know have asked me to compile a version of ScummVM for their phones (using AdHoc distribution, I only have 100 devices, but I don't know that many people with iPhones). The problem is that every time a new person ask me to do this (or if an old person ask me to include them new games) I have to compile-in the games they want, which is a waste of time for me. It will be so much easy (for me) to include their device in my AdHoc distribution certificate, re-sign the binary and send them the signed application and the provisining profile. Finally explain them how to install their own games, anytime they want.

That my primary plan, I wasn't thinking in the App Store (at least at short term). You don't want that system in your code base, fine, I don't mind. I rephrase my question:

Can someone give me some clues, guides, help, whatever, how (if it is possible) to show the "add game" dialog (the one that shows up once the user have selected a folder) when the application is starting?

Thank you.
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Post by Vinterstum »

First off, the xcode project is something I update manually, so there'll unfortunately always be some lag between file changes and the project being updated. If we convert to CMake or something similar one day, that problem should go away though.

Second, a generic fetch of zip files from an HTTP URL isn't something I'd ever include in ScummVM if I could help it, since it's an open invitation to (more) piracy.

What I would've done for an App Store version if Apple changes their EULA, would be to embed a WebDAV or FTP server and let the users upload their own files.

It's not something I will personally do until the EULA changes, however, since the result would probably be of someone else ignoring the EULA and posting their own app store version of ScummVM. Which I'd like to avoid.
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Post by md5 »

Out of curiosity: would it make sense to offer a version of ScummVM for the iPhone, prepackaged with the free games for use with non-jailbroken iPhones? (i.e. Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel sky, Flight of the Amazon Queen and Drascula)
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Post by yonosoytu »


I also thought in the WebDAV server, in fact, I am porting a little web server I have to be used in the iPhone, but that seemed a bit more difficult to embed into ScummVM (having only look at the surface of the code).

I will implement the feature in my personal version, and I will ask my friends to the add game step "by hand" until I figure out how I can do it more automatically.

Thank you very much again.
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Patch for scummvm:// protocol.

Post by yonosoytu »

I have implemented the scummvm:// protocol handler for the iPhone backend. I know the developers are not going to include this patch in the trunk, but anyway, if someone want to use it, you can get it in ... tid=418822.

The main process works (I can not say that without bugs, but I can not find anymore), but its a bit rough at the edges. Is all I can do without knowing more about ScummVM source code.
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Re: Thank you very much

Post by tripmaster »

Vinterstum wrote:Currently, the only way is to actually include the game data files in the XCode project.
Hello Vinterstum

I'm an absolute beginner in XCode and iPhone development.
Where do I have to put the game files to make them compile with the app?
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Post by yonosoytu »


You can find explanations how to do than in one of my previous posts: (at the bottom)

If things haven't change a lot in the last weeks, that procedure should work.
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Post by AleStanga »

i can't compile ScummVM for my iphone.
xcode can't find map_v4.cpp file.
also deleting the reference to the file doesn't help.
i've tried to compile the 0-13-0 branch (that has the map_v4.cpp file) but i've got a lot of errors regarding CoreSourface.
the SVN version doesn't use it anymore.
so, how can i compile the current SVN version?
i'm the only one having errors with map_v4.cpp?
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