How to execute ScummVM??? HEEELPP!

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How to execute ScummVM??? HEEELPP!

Post by ghostwalker »

Okay guys I installed via CYDIA on my jailbroken iphone. Sweet. but how tdo I run ScummVM?

I looked on my home screen for an icon, nada.

I went to terminal and typed ScummVM and.....nada

How do I run it?

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Eilhan »

This sounds like a situation I encountered. Are you sure it really installed correctly? If it all worked properly, you should most definitely see a ScummVM icon. However, there is a chance that the installation did not finish, most probably due to networking issues - in other words, the ScummVM installation file may not have downloaded completely. Cydia may have only downloaded parts of it, in which case it would, of course, not be installed.

To find out if this is the case, search for ScummVM in Cydia, choose it by clicking on it, then see if the button in the upper right corner of the screen is labeled Install or Modify. If it says Install, the download hasn't completed yet and you need to try again (Click the Install button). Cydia should then at least tell you how much it has downloaded on the previous attempt.
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Post by brajan8632 »


If what Eilhan says doesn't work:

After entering the command, wait 2 minutes after the screen refreshes. You can close the terminal even though it says it still setting up.

If you can't SSH because of network reasons, PM me for further assistance. IF you have a Mac, I don;t know the procedure
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