About SFTP.

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About SFTP.

Post by hanxs »

Hello, i was just wondering if someone could give me any tips on a SFTP-CLient for Windows XP, i have tried a few and BitKinex seems to be the best, but i still have some problem with the configuration and connecting to my Touch.

Is it correct that i should use my Touch's Ip number when the program asks what server i want to connect to?

And all programs asks me for login and password... should it be like that? What should i type in? I have tried to just make something up but i can't connect to my touch...
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Post by clem »

This does not quite relate to ScummVM. (This is the forum for ScummVM for iPhone, not a generic ask-whatever-you-want-about-the-iPhone forum)
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Post by hanxs »

Well, how should i then load my games into my touch? Is there any other way?
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Post by bobablob »

I think that Clem means that this forum is largely for trouble-shooting and discussing the iPhone port, while your question is aimed at general iPhone functionality. You wouldn't come to the ScummVM forum to troubleshoot your computer's failure to interface with its DVD-ROM drive.

You can find a good deal of helpful explanation simply by using Google.
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Post by TomFrost »

Aw, come on-- this thread would have ended three posts ago if someone had just done this:

WinSCP is what most people use and have a lot of success with. You should connect to your iPod Touch's IP address (this can be found in the network settings), and log in with username "root" and password "alpine".

For a more detailed walkthrough, please read this thread, and remember to search before asking next time!
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Post by wichozzz »

if u got a jailbrek Ipod touch or Phone the only thing u need is download the [BSD Subsystem v2.1] and the [OpenSSH v4.6p1-1 ]..This last one u can find on u Ipod insatller(after install the BSDsystem),,but u need looking for the site to download via Ipod web..(u know) http:\?????????
then u ipod touch really work great ..with WinSCP and
CuteFTP all programs (included trial versions)
when u got all this u an type ""root"" and ""alpine"" to conect pc via ipod.!!
work for me ..lm got sam and max, full throttle, Dig
on my Ipod Touch..
hope this help..
thanks scummVM...... love my pc games..!! they alive.!!
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