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iOS developers needed!

Post by criezy »

Hi there!

We need iOS developers to help out with the ScummVM iOS port, and possibly become dedicated iOS porters for ScummVM. We would love to be able to make ScummVM available on the AppStore, but we need a dedicated iOS porter to help with that.

Outstanding tasks include:
  • Updating the pre-built libraries we use to build the port (for example to use recent versions and include bytecode).
  • Improve keymapping to support mapping gestures.
  • Test-to-Speech integration.
Also, we encourage developers to offer their own solutions and/ or implement additional features to improve the port application.

If you are someone who has experience on iOS development or know someone who could help and you can reach out to them, please consider contributing to the ScummVM iOS port!

You may find us on the official ScummVM discord.

We're looking forward to working with you.
The ScummVM team
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