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SCUMMVM Monkey Island SE

Post by duckygillies7018 »

Day , i want to play monkey island special edition on my iPad , ( portable touch screen controls ) i used to have it as an app and now obviously its been removed from the App store , does anyone have either the downloaded app they can share with me ( apparently if you've purchased it and have the app file you can still play it according to forums ) or an SOMISE .ipa ? I've also bought if off GOG for my MacBook but its not the same having the touch screen vs the mouse HELP!!
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Re: SCUMMVM Monkey Island SE

Post by sev »

Which app are you talking about? ScummVM has not been published in the App Store till now.

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Re: SCUMMVM Monkey Island SE

Post by criezy »

I think he is speaking of the Monkey Island SE app that used to be available in the App Store a long time ago. But this has nothing to do with ScummVM.
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