Compiling with ios-toolchain (scummsys.h fatal error)

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Compiling with ios-toolchain (scummsys.h fatal error)

Post by limbonic »


I successfully set up the ios-toolchain as by the guide
but trying to make Scummvm-ios7 throws out following error:

Code: Select all

userx@laptop:~/build/emu/scummvm/scummout$ make iphone
    C++      backends/platform/ios7/ios7_osys_main.o
In file included from /home/userx/build/emu/scummvm/backends/platform/ios7/ios7_osys_main.cpp:33:
/home/userx/build/emu/scummvm/common/scummsys.h:151:11: fatal error: 'new'
      file not found
        #include <new>
1 error generated.
/home/userx/build/emu/scummvm/Makefile.common&#58;103&#58; die Regel für Ziel „backends/platform/ios7/ios7_osys_main.o“ scheiterte
make&#58; *** &#91;backends/platform/ios7/ios7_osys_main.o&#93; Fehler 1
Is this a file or directory?
I did git checkout badf82c (1.9.0) and 6f721aa (1.8.1) both
show this error.

I'm running Xubuntu 16.04, i5, 8gb ram.

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Post by criezy »

This is one of the standard c++ header files. This error suggest your compiler installation might be broken or incomplete.

I have no idea how this ios toolchain works, but various google result suggest that you can get this kind of errors with clang on ubuntu when g++ is not installed.

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Post by limbonic »

Yes, thanks, i read this already, its somehow confusing since
everything for developing, compiling is set up.
Building for linux works, devkitpro works.

Gonna try building with xcode.

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