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Post by TomFrost »

Howdy folks. Seasoned engineer who's not touched iOS development in many years here.

If there's been no headway on 1.8.0, has anyone stumbled onto how to resign IPAs using a non-developer Apple ID, as apparently XCode 7 is able to do? Would love to get this (and RetroArch...) rolling, but hesitant to drop $99 on renewing my ages old developer account just to do this.
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Post by sofakng »

I'd love to see some progress in this area.

I do have a developer certificate and I've resigned an IPA for 1.8.0 and the application started on my iPad, but when I tried to add a game it crashed so I think something (probably small?) needs to be fixed for resigning to work.

Unfortunately there isn't an Xcode project that could be used for debugging either :(
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Post by SubElement »

Gosh, I want an optimised working port of this on my iPhone and iPad so bad.
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