Nightly build on Iphone 6 IOS8.3?

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Nightly build on Iphone 6 IOS8.3?

Post by Jabz »

So is there a way to download and compile the nightly build and sign with my/a Dev cert to get it running on a non jailbroken phone, running IOS 8.3?

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Post by sofakng »

If I remember correctly, I was able to get ScummVM codesigned and running my iPad Air 2 and it launches perfectly.

The problem is that the file management system expects to have full access to the file system and when you go to add any games it crashes. I think if this part was modified that it would work amazingly well on iOS. I'm a .NET developer myself and don't have much experience in Obj-C or the iOS framework to make the changes myself... :(

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Post by legueil »

Now that it is possible for everyone (unjailbroken, no developer) to load projects onto the iDevice with XCode 7, it would be very nice to have this issue fixed. Can somebody help with that?

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Post by bonewire »

My ScummVM runs perfectly (1.7.0pre79)

Maybe you should try my procedure that I already posted here:

You need to copy the new version over the old. Ssh into it via FileZilla for example and look inside the folder. You will find a ScummVM and a ScummVM-iph5 file. Rename the ScummVM to ScummVM_save and the take away the -iph5 from the other file so it only says ScummVM. Then you need to make shure, that the permissions are correct. Do a right click on the (the whole app containing everything) and choose "File properties" (last entrance don't know how it is called in english) Set all ticks so everything has read and write permissions. If you start ScummVM it should work now.
Make sure that you have the right version with the ScummVM-iph5 file inside. You can see it on your computer by looking inside the file (Mac). Right click on the file and choose "show package content" and look for the file.

hope I could help

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Post by bonewire »

by the way: I have an ipad air 2 and run iOS 8.4

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Post by MajinChibi »

Can confirm bonwires Information.

Ipad air 2 ios 9.02 (just bought it today ^^ ), scummvm runs fine :)

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