iPad GUI design. Tell me what you're interested in this.

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iPad GUI design. Tell me what you're interested in this.

Post by sev »

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Hi everybody!

=============== First, a note: English is not my main language so sorry if I have some mistakes in the photos/here. ===============

I just re-installed ScummVM on my iPad 2 and I found some of the keys in the GUI small and uncomfortable. I tried to look at existing themes and such and saw nothing really looked like an iPad / iPhone design. So I decided to make one myself! Since I saw some people on other threades talk about wanting it to be some sort of iBooks, I decided to go with the following design. One thing before we start: I really think this is doable. if the theme options won't enable this, this can be done with an app that will be the interface while SVM will be nested inside it. Here's a video of the GUI if you want to first check if this interests you or not:

Main window - The Games Window =============================== Image

---- All the games are shown here. the bookmark on Loom & the Dig represent games that have saved games. Something like 'you're reading this book' but for a game :-). ** Imagine a finger pressing on Loom's cover ** :-D
Image ---- Pressing a game will pop it's menu. The things inside it is pretty much self explanatory. The only thing I think I need to explain might be the Community Button. This button is for ppl who wants hints (without looking in the actual Walkthrough), wants some reviews of the game and such. Thought it would be nice to 'feel' the community (... That sounds a bit awkward... :-/) Well.... le't move to the options!

Options - General ================== Image ----

Some options here for the new GUI, like the color of the bookshelf, The order the games are placed on the shelf, etc. The DropBox integration is actually something I saw on the forum about iCloud. Saving you're progress to dropbox so you can continue the game on all your devices. The Auto-Save is the same option in the original GUI. It's called Save-All because I added an Auto-Save button for each game. Not sure if this is practical but I thought some ppl would like to auto-save some games and some not.

Options - Graphics ================== Image ---- Nothing to explain here. Added the description (with the photo included) of each Graphics Mode. Options - Audio ================== Image ---- Nothing new here exepts the keyboard :-D I added that for the same reason I added the photo in the Graphics mode: ppl usually don't remember what the name of each mode means. So here, you can check the sound of the MIDI mode you selected :-P. That's about it! Hope you liked it! comments are more then welcome!

Anyone thinks he can help me or have any tips for doing this?

Thanks, Neil
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Post by fuzzie »

Really nice to have the mock-ups!

Obviously we know that the current GUI is very unfriendly on touchscreen devices.

We have been considering the idea of native GUIs for iOS/Android, as well as the idea of a more touchscreen-friendly built-in GUI (supporting things like finger swiping).

The biggest problem with a separate native GUI is that it would add a large maintenance burden - it would have to be kept in-sync with all of the new options (input configuration, game-specific configuration, etc) which we're currently working on, and with all the audio/music/etc configuration that will probably change in the near-ish future.

LordHoto recently added TTF support to our GUI code (as well as many many bugfixes/features on the iOS backend), so probably we could do something which looked and worked much nicer by improving the built-in GUI and adding new themes.

Probably some of those options (e.g. output rate, Roland GS Mode) should be removed anyway, but it's a bit tricky to do that in the normal theme without causing problems for other platforms.

(The ideas for new features, like DropBox, the MIDI preview, etc etc, are perhaps best discussed seperately.)
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Post by MajinChibi »

wow that looks sweet :D
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Post by raschi »

It looks awesome. Hope someone will find the time to create and maintain something like this.
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Post by MajinChibi »

will it happen?
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Post by Latzen »

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Post by Longcat »

And a year later.. Don't get your hopes up
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Post by Davic »

It would be awesome, scummvm with a GUI like this.
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Post by 10tacle »

Just came across this topic and I totally love this theme.
That's exactly what I expect ScummVM to be like these days, except the old iOS design (yes, I'm a fan of the new 7/8 design).

When will ScummVM get a new GUI?
I'm not only talking about the iOS version, even the PC/Mac version looks (and feels) terrible.

Will this ever happen? How about a GUI which feels a bit more... native?
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