Curse of Monkey Island Coin Menu

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Curse of Monkey Island Coin Menu

Post by Panther »

Hey there,
I was just wondering if there is an option to call up the coin menu in Curse of Monkey Island when not being in Toggle Click+Drag mode?

iPhone/iPad Version
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Post by MajinChibi »

i installed scummvm+comi yesterday on an android tab and i noticed the controlls are much better than on my ipad.

To make the coin menu appear, i have to double tap and hold.

I think thats much better than toggle click+drag mode on the ipad version.
(and sometimes i got a bug, it seems to be that a touch input gets stuck. its totally random. when that happens and i try to bring up the scumm menu ingame, it quickly disappaers. when i change input mode, the message also quickly disappaers. when i am in a sierra game, the control menu at the upper screen is blinking. i have to restart scummvm when that happens)
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Post by GalaadLD »

Sorry, but I have no idea how to get appear the coin menu in my iPad 2. Exist any tip or solution?

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Post by hoodedrobin »

Hey just registered to let you know that you can enable mouse click and drag mode to bring up the gold coin menu by holding down on the screen with one finger and then swiping upwards with the other :) found it by randomly swiping around in frustration!

EDIT: Oh, Apr 2012! Better late than never =_=
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