ScummVM 1.3.0 iPad errors

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ScummVM 1.3.0 iPad errors

Post by martijN_ »

Since installing the new version on my iPad most of my games aren't starting anymore. I also tried a reinstall of scummVM, but that didn't help.

Day of the Tentacle isn't starting for example. When i start the game, i go directly to the iPad-main menu. The problem doesn't occur when i open 7th guest.

Any help is needed :)
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Post by kolokbmk »

exactly same probleme for me with a iPhone 3GS FW 4.2.1
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Post by Vinterstum »

As a workaround, for now: In the ScummVM options, under the MT-32 tab, change the "MT-32 Device" option to "Don't use Roland MT-32 music".
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Post by eleventh »

Worked for me! But had to turn off midi emu as well. Thanks.
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