iOS port on iOS 14

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iOS port on iOS 14

Post by enetzlsg »

Hi there!

Lifelong scummvm user here... I'm using the scummvm ipa from the download section sideloaded with altstore on an iPhone 12 mini (not jailbroken), but I'm not able to do the click and hold action (for exaple in Monkey Island 3). Do you guys know if there's any other ipa that works better? I've checked the daily builds, but they're all .deb and can't install them as I don't own any Mac to compile in xcode (am I missing another way of sideloading .debs?).

Another issue I'm experiencing too is the lack of accuracy when switching to point and click (instead of drag and click) mode.

Anyone that could help this poor guy?

Many thanks!!
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Re: iOS port on iOS 14

Post by KevinBlue »

The only way to sideload deb files is if you have a jailbroken device. If your device is iOS 14.3 or lower you can jailbreak.
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