Requesting support for wider iPads

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Requesting support for wider iPads

Post by cinar »

Hello there. It is my first post. I have started to use ScummVM much often since the day it had Myst and Riven support. I am really grateful that it has iOS port but on the iPads, it is only designed to be used with 4:3 ones. iPad Pro 11 uses 1.43:1 aspect ratio I guess so there are eventually black bars on the sides. Can someone update it? I don't know if I am asking too much, if so, I am sorry. And for the last, I still don't know how can I save on Sam N Max. The Ctrl F5 shortcut work well on desktops but I don't have a keyboard in handy. I would be really glad if you tell that. Thank you.
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Re: Requesting support for wider iPads

Post by criezy »

For access to save/load, see ... l#controls
For example a two finger swipe from top to bottom should show the menu. Or you can use a pinch gesture to show the keyboard, and there is a key to show the menu in the bar at the top of the keyboard. You can also show the keyboard by rotating the iPad to portrait mode.

For the enhancement requests, it would be best to make those on as they may easily get lost in the forum.
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