Monkey Island 3 and Nintendo DS with SCUMM VM 1.2.1

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Monkey Island 3 and Nintendo DS with SCUMM VM 1.2.1

Post by JackCutr1444 »

Hi everyone ,
I wanted to ask if the new version of ScummVM for the Nintendo DS can play Monkey Island 3. Thanks!

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Post by Red_Breast »

Posts like yours are so annoying.
The info you require is very easy to find. I could just give you the answer and move on but then you might carry on doing the same in all forums you visit. So it's best to educate you a bit now even though it will take me longer than just giving you the answer.
Look at the sticky threads on the main page.
Notice one of them titled Everything about ScummVM DS. READ BEFORE POSTING.
There is one post in the thread. It has 2 links. This is the first one:
If you go to drunken coders it has a section about which games are supported.
Check it to see if Monkey Island 3 is on the list.

Can you appreciate why your post is annoying? You'd reached this forum. It's common practice when joining a new forum to browse the rules and the sticky threads. You was almost there.

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