Yet Another NDS Monkey Island Music Question

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Yet Another NDS Monkey Island Music Question

Post by yahaboobay »

I have everything working well on my DS - I am going to be on an 8 month tour with a puppet show soon, so I'm am over the moon at being able to play a couple of old favourites and neat looking new (old) games for the first time! BASS looks really impressive.

Everything I've tried works great, except for the music with Monkey Island 1

I realize I'm adding to a linage of posts on this topic, but I've read through them all and they have been helpful enough to keep me busy on this for some days by myself... I now need to ask for help.

I am using a MacBook Pro

I understand that I need to convert the music files using this config:

Format: WAV
Compression: IMA ADPCM
Samplerate: 22050 Hz
Channels: Mono
On the fly encoding: On

and I think I've learned that they need to be "4 bit IMA ADPCM" as well.

I have tried and tried with Audacity, Max, Switch, and even resorted to trying to figure out SoX (a code based thing). But I cannot for the life of me stop getting the message:

Looking for mp:Monkey/track1.wav...
Failed to open mp:/monkey/!
Console enable: 1

I *think* that when Audacity is converting the file, it is not making it a "4-bit" file, because when I open it up to check, it says it's "16 bit PCM" (I have changed the export format to "4 bit IMA ADPCM" in the preferences menu, but it doesn't seem to be converting it to a 4 bit file). There is no "on the fly encoding" option...

I have kind of gone very very batty over this in the past 48 hours, actually losing sleep trying to figure this out... :shock:

Does anybody know a sound program that will let me make the proper conversions? Or something that I might be doing wrong with Audacity? (macintosh version, 1.2.5 - I tried 1.3.12 but it doesn't seem to give you the option to convert to a 4 bit IMA ADPCM).

I don't know why I'm dedicating so much time to this, I *just* played the special edition when it came out, but what can I say, it's a bee in my bonnet.

Thanks very much in advance for anyone who can virtually stand next to me and scratch their head about this!

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Post by yahaboobay »

strangely, I fixed this by dropping in .mp3s of all the music, I didn't think this was supposed to work, but it did. hooray!

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Post by Red_Breast »

Yes I've heard people have got it working by going the mp3 route.
Whenever I had to do this it would be one of the few reasons why I would fire up my older WindowsXP PC.
My main PC is Linux and I tried with Audacity once, couldn't work it out and so asked on the forum and was told only the beta version supports it at the moment.
I tried with one or two other Linux programs but no luck.
So on Windows I'd use CDex for this job. It's also possible with Goldwave.
I've been busy recently turning that old XP PC into a home file server using Debian and having no XP install discs originally means Windows has gone from my life now completely. CDex is one little program I will sorely miss as right now I have no idea how to produce the required compressed wavs on a Linux PC. I could put the CD into the tray, select what type file I wanted and it would do the job. CDex might work partially in Wine (I haven't tried) but I think I'd need to rip the audio tracks as uncompressed wavs first some how (another program?) and then point CDex at them and try to convert them to the compressed wav format that the DS uses. It seems Linux handles optical discs differently to Windows.
As much as I prefer Linux I'm starting to understand why Windows does so well. The average Joe just doesn't want to learn what they do all over again. I don't mind but it's taking me some time. I read yesterday that Windows 7 sold 10 copies every second in July just gone.
Good luck with the puppet tour. Sounds fun.

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Post by another world »

I'll just add that there is information on audio conversion and mp3 support on the official site. It might be worth your time to give it a read.

I use CoolEdit 2000 PRO (before Adobe purchased the program) to convert my ScummVM audio for the DS. I used the required settings but lowered my sample rate. It is next to impossible to hear the difference and it reduced my overall file sizes by up to 10 MB.

Good luck!
-Another World

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