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fingolfin wrote:Well, the black screen issue I am talking about apparently affected all engines, not just SCI... Do (all?) other engines work for your with trunk?
Yes, they did work. So that might not be the problem. The original question remains: is it at all possible to compile the sci engine for the DS?
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Actually, I don't really mind how you contact me. I have email notifications turned on for PMs so I would see those, email is also good, but the forum is better for me because the messages stick around. Before I new release I do check recent posts on the forums to see if I've solved all the major issues.

Saying that, I check these forums less regularly than I used to these days since the traffic here has gone down. I think that's a positive sign that ScummVM DS is more stable than it used to be!

Now, the SCI engine:

In theory, enabling a new engine should be as simple as turning it on, as bhebing tried. Unfortunately in practice things never go that smoothly - there's always some bug or other to fix, usually in the engine, either in the display code, timing code, excessive memory usage, memory leaks, event handling, or something. A new engine can expose bugs in the DS backend too.

If anyone wants to help with these, they're welcome! I usually debug by enabling the console at boot (I think this is in dsmain.cpp, IIRC) and then scattering printfs in likely places and watching the screen output. It's a long winded process, but has improved my debugging skills a lot!

The same applies to Teen Agent.
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