New here, just need a quick rundown of firing this up on DS

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New here, just need a quick rundown of firing this up on DS

Post by Savatage79 »

Is it simply getting the program onto an SD card, then is there a folder to add games does it work really.

Im on the go here and in a hurry, but just found out about this from my buddy and just curious to get it goin but ive no major time right now to scan and look up the How To of it all, and in my quick scan i just didnt find a direct set of directions.

So if someone could give me a quick rundown id would be greatly appreciated.

I do have some of my older Lucas games and what not, so i think ill be good to go.
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Post by LordHoto »

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Post by Red_Breast »

In the case of a PC the ScummVM executable is one file.
With the DS because of memory restrictions it works better with smaller executables. They have the .nds format.
If you don't need to DLDI patch your card you just get the zip with the .nds executables in it.

Unzip and get the .nds files on your DS flash card. I just stick them in the root.
The .nds files are called build A, build B etc up to H.
Each one is for a different engine. Build A is for the SCUMM engine itself. You can check which is which if you follow the link.
Then as an example if the game you want to play is the first Monkey Island look at the wiki for the files needed. Put them in a folder eg Monkey1.
Fire up Build A and select 'Add Game'. This will then show you all the folders and files on your Flash Card. Select the Monkey1 folder and the game should be recognized.
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Post by Savatage79 »

Thanks for replying guys although wow...i feel so overwhelmed with info there, i thought it would be a little more simpler sounding.

Heres a quick question, can any of this jack up your DS, and also i own a DSi right now currently, can i bypass any of the steps with just using an SD card via dsi sd port?
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Post by Bowen747x »

STEP 1 - Get a Flashcart running on your DS

Step 2 - Re-Read the FAQ links that LordHoto posted, to assure you dont ask questions to the easier steps(like setting up a flashcart) once you download everything its quite self-explanitory


if you have not done this than you are pretty far behind. however, i am assuming you do not have a flashcart because there are none for the DSi (that are any good). they are still in development because the DSi is not just a NEW version of the DS, but an entirely beefed up and improved console that is DS compatible (unlike the DS Lite which is still just a DS)

once you have a flashkart(aka flashcard/reader), it is best to tell us which one you have so that we can help you with the next few steps (which are very simple once you download everything)

i suggest clicking the link in my signature(below where it says Cyclo) as that is IMO the best flashcart around. i say this because they still continue to update there work and have a huge(AND I MEAN HUGE) message board full of very helpful people to get you started on setting up a flashcart for your DS. they are even working on DSi stuff but nothing has been released due to the fact that DSi is very new and still lacking 100% compatiblity just yet.


one last thing, when new to a forum (ANY Forum) there are 2 key rules...
first and foremost are the FAQs which are posted numerous times(as LordHoto posted) including on the top of PAGE 1 (just above your post on the previous page).
and Rule #2... whenever asking for help always give a vivid list of details on the product(s) you are using (regarding the difference of DS and DSi) and the problem/questions you have

goodluck :wink: let us know what you decide to do
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