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DSi issues

Post by jhemperly »

Hi folks,

Just wanted to report that I've tried running SCUMMVM on my new DSi with an Acekard 2i, and the sound is extremely choppy, to the point of being unplayable. I'll try to upload a youtube video for anyone who's interested in seeing what I mean. Midi and speech are choppy in every game i've tried. (inc. Sam and Max, Fate of Atlantis, DOTT) Have any of the devs purchased a DSi yet? I've searched everywhere and can't find anybody else that has made this issue known. Also to note, I have tried this on an current (used on a regular basis) microsd and also have wiped one and put nothing but SCUMMVM and Sam and Max on it. Either way, it loads and plays fine on my DS lite, but not the DSi. I have tested version 0.11.1 and 0.13.2 beta 3 and both behave the same. I believe this may be due to the way the new DSi processor scales down to run original DS games. Anyone care to take a look at this? I'd be willing to test for you. Thanks in advance!
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Post by jhemperly »

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Post by HoriZon »

Had the same problem its the official Acekard 2i software its rubbish i am now using this one:
which is based on it but has much better support and the sound is fine now!

Also use the beta 3 its much better.

This AKAIO software seems much better and the forums on that site are very busy unlike the official ones and its all in English to, which helps!
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Post by jhemperly »

Ah thanks! What a difference. :D
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Post by agentq »

Can you post a comment on your video about what fixed the problem? I would, but for some reason my browser won't let me post comments on Youtube.
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Post by deadlobster »

hi, i have the same problem with my itouch2 flashcard on my DSi....all games sound choppy, no matter how i configure the sound.
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Post by ditikos »

I am having an Acekard 2i card, and AKAIO is long gone, yet scummds has choppy sound, I have put the normal updates from linfoxdomain.net for the driver.

Is there a newer version of AKAIO or a fix for the choppy sound?
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Post by another world »

the most recent public release of akaio is 1.4.1 proper. you can find links in the wiki (linked a few posts up). if you are having issues try reformatting your msd using the panasonic formatter.

-another world
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