Hardware Recommendations?

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Hardware Recommendations?

Post by Suboshi »

Hey everyone - just a (hopefully) quick question for you! I'm relatively new to the DS mod scene, though I've worked with it on consoles plenty. I was just about to purchase an M3 DS Real online when in my research I came upon the new thread concerning the new build that's beginning to make use of external RAM for The Dig and such.

I was looking at the M3 Rumble RAM Pack since it comes as a bundle, but I haven't been able to find any hard numbers on it on the M3 team website or such as to what it can do. Whereas, the EZ Flash 3in1 appears to be pretty good.

What would you guys recommend for hardware, if you were just about to buy it for your DS Lite?

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Bowen747x »

the ez flash 3in1 works great for me but its an integrated part of the CycloDS, if you want a good place for NDS info i would suggest clicking the link in my signature just below here. :wink:
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Post by chojin »

I use the same combination and am happy with it.

- no DLDI patching neccessary, just copy and play (auto patching)
- micro SDHC support
- firmware under constant development, update is easy, just copy it on your microsd
- GBA games via EZflash 3in1 (GBA, RAM, Rumble)

- the price, other cards are cheaper
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Post by another world »

acekard 2.1 is the best kit i've used yet. i own 9 flash linkers, and my acekards get the most use. the 2.1 costs 12 bucks off dealextreme now. using the akaio firmware it has ez 3in1 integrated ram, rumble, and gba support.

-another world
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Post by noculture »

I can't really comment on other cards, but I use a CycloDS / EZ 3-in-1 combi and have been very happy with it. It means you don't have to fiddle with patching homebrew to get it working, the people who make it actually answer emails and they regularly make updates to the firmware.
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Post by Suboshi »

Thanks all, I really appreciate the input! :) More interested in getting the best recommendation than anything else, so I will check out the Cyclo DS / 3-in-1 as suggested. Can't wait to try it!
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