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Post by md5 »

In theory, the CD version should behave exactly like the floppy one if you omit voices.rsc and music.rsc. Could you test it without these 2 files?

I'm sorry to hear that memory consumption is still high :( There were a lot of changes to the engine to reduce the memory it uses, but it seems that more work needs to be done on this, if it's possible.

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Post by another world »

md5 wrote:In theory, the CD version should behave exactly like the floppy one if you omit voices.rsc and music.rsc. Could you test it without these 2 files?
took out the voices.rsc first. game boots almost instantly but freezes up just when the music starts to play after the intro. went back and took out the other file and the game has been on two black screens for the past 10min. i'll reboot and try again, but if it doesn't load i won't come back to edit this.

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Post by Garcimak »

Same behaviour here with AK2 on firmware AKAIO.1.4 : "freezes up just when the music starts at the first scene after the intro"

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Post by Roman »

Just wanted to report that I've been toying around with build A and all German Lucas Adventures for an hour now and everything works flawlessly on a M3 real with Sakura 1.35.

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Post by Dueler »

Played through all of full throttle.

I have to say great work, there were a few little things that annoyed me tho.

1st was the fact that between every scene the music would skip and the image would freeze till the next one loaded up.

2nd was that while riding the bike on mine road it is very hard to control. You would steer using the direction but that also makes you enter every off turn since your "clicking".
To combat that i would set it on "car control" This would give me access to the steering via left and right buttons but id have to re turn it off during fights to be able to fight and change weapons properly.

Basicly i suggest for players on the mine road to use Car Control to steer and when they want to fight or do normal stuff switch to normal.

It makes it bearable. *Just make sure your not holding down the stylus while switching modes or it will freeze on that command causing you to endlessly enter/exit the mine road and stop at places.

Other then that it was great.

Thanks Agent Q for your hard work and bringing my all time favourite game onto the DS ^_^

If i may suggest something, an option to turn the zoomed screen off. I dont need it at all, it annoy's me and distracts me from the game.
Ive gone as far as to sticky tape some cardboard over that screen just so i dont have to see it >.>

So please just give us an option to turn it off.

Edit: Also i was writing that while the credits were rolling, after the credits finished and the cute little end played it froze endlessly. I mean it doesnt really matter since thats the end, but shouldnt it loop to the begining of the game?

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