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That's an incredibly old review and it's very out of date. The R4 has been updated since that, most notably with a spring.
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Morden wrote:As you can see, I already got the R4 and I am actually pretty happy with it. Is there anything that Cyclo can do that R4 can't? Aside from SDHC support that is.

Besides, this is not the place to discuss which flash device is better. Were talking about knock offs.
If you think this is not the place to discuss which card is better then just check out the Cyclo Forums for yourself, cuz the Cyclo definitly has TONS of features. Still, though, i dont understand why this is the wrong place to tell people about the Cyclo. Just tryin to help people from getting a bad card, as the title says. 8)
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i've had my R4-SDHC for almost 2 months now and there have been no problems whatsoever. this card is definitely not fake (if you want to know what fake is, go to youtube and search for "fake dstt"), because it works just fine, even though it's a clone of R4. :)
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