Please help! ScummVM DS 0.12.0 beta4 corrected!

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You should have a bunch of NDS files in that zip named scummvm_a.nds, scummvm_b.nds etc. They're all built to handle different engines as the DS can't handle so much in one NDS file. Build C plays Simon the Sorceror.

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Re: Kyradia 2 and Kyrandia 3 Beta_Test_4 (Talk Version)

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Luminious wrote:___________ Malcolm's Revenge (Talk) Version _____________

Start up - 16 Seconds

Introduction - Plays out perfectly now with no stutters or crashes. Before the Kyrandia speed enhancements went into effect, it used to crash 1/4 the way in.

- Here is a serious problem:
Not able to start a new game, crashes at Start New Game after having black screen bottom, mouse icon on top. You see the cursor vanish after 10 seconds and then nothing.
Yep, same here. The first introduction (with the purple dragon, the Westwood-logo and the "Kyrandia 3"-logo) works perfectly but the "real" intro (with the story of Malcolm's youth etc.) doesn't even start.

After a restart, there was the main menu with the "Malcolm's Revenge-logo to be seen. Now in Kyrandia 2 one gets directly to the game by selecting "Start New Game" (the intro isn't played), but after clicking "Start new game" in Kyrandia 3 the screens turn black (on the upper screen there's still ScummVM's mouse symbol to be seen) and nothing happens (selecting the mouse button via the D-pad doesn't work either).

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