attack of the noob! (microSD question)

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attack of the noob! (microSD question)

Post by kidkawaii »

ive read a couple posts on various sites that stated how people are having problems with specific brands of cards (ie ewin2, on this site

i was just wondering what brands people were using/would recommend so i dont run into the same issues..?

also, im lucky enough to have a large number of the games supported by scummvm ds - what size [of microSD] is adequate to prevent problems? will i run into any issues using a 1gb card? (one game at a time? some games cant fit? etc?) ..or should i go with a larger card?

**edit: ive purchased an m3 real if that feeds some opinions..
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Post by agentq »

Just in case you haven't sorted this by now.

There are some cards which don't have a DLDI driver. These cards won't run most homebrew software, so they are to be avoided.

There are also some cards which have a driver but the driver is broken in one of various ways. These are to be avoided too.

Basically, popular cards like the M3 Real or the R4 are fine. There's not really any reason to go for anything else.

A 1Gb card should be fine for four or five talkie games, or as many floppy games as you'll ever want.
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Post by another world »

i would agree with agent-q up until the point that this discussion goes beyond scummvmDS. as soon as you start to add dpg movies, music, other emulation, homebrew, you will find that a 1gb card is not so large. thankfully if you have a non sdhc kit you can pick up 2gb kingstons japanese cards from all over the place now for around 8 bucks each. if you are using a sdhc kit... well then you aren't limited to 2gb now are you =).

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