ScummVM DS 0.11.0 beta2 released for testing! [obsolete]

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raschi wrote: I believe you need to convert cd audio as well to get music during the bumpusville song.
no. CD audio is only a bonus track and never comes up in the game

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Thanks to everyone who posted here. I've fixed the reported bugs, so please test beta3 now!

I'm not sure what's wrong with the bumpusville song, but I have heard problems with that section before.

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Eyedunno wrote:Edit: Okay, the slots part was a bit of a pain, but I got through it and finished the game from that point with 205 out of 202 points (silly Sierra).
As you can see in the menu bar of Space Quest 1 EGA, you can get a maximum of 202 points. But if you know some tricks, you can actually get 205 and even 207 points! Here are some tips:
- When you've entered the Deltaur through the airlock, get inside the trunk as usual. When you've reached the laundry room, exit the trunk and close it. Climb on the trunk and use your army knife to open the vent. Climb in the vent and return to the laundry room again. This will award you with some extra points.
- You'll also get an extra point if you kiss a Sarien guard. Scott Murphy adds: "Kissing the Sarien was all Ken Williams' doing. We let him do some programming and just because he runs the company he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Go figure."
- Try talking to a Sarien guard. When he asks you if you've played King's Quest II, say "yes".
- Get the second grenade in the weapon room after you've dropped the first to kill the Star Generator guard. Simply give the droid your ID-card again and quickly take the other grenade.

This will earn you 205 points! Game version 1.0X is slightly different, though. The One point score in the vents on the Deltaur has been re-allocated in later versions. In version 1.1a and 2.2 you get one point for exiting the vent back into the laundry room. In version 1.0x that point is found by entering the vent, going left to the ladder, down one screen and right until you crush your nose on another vent. "Kick vent" for the extra point. Here is the breakdown:

Version 1.1a and 2.2:
Ride trunk to laundry room (3 points)
Enter vent (2 points)
Kick other vent, one screen down (0 points)
Exit vent back to laundry room (1 point)

Version 1.0x:
Ride trunk to laundry room (3 points)
Enter vent (2 points)
Kick other vent, one screen down (1 point)
Exit vent back to laundry room (0 points)

BUT WAIT, there's more! In version 1.0x you can get 207 of 202 points! When the escape pod crash lands on Kerona, type "get kit", then "look kit", then "get kit" again and you'll take the Xenon Survival Kit twice. There will only be one in your inventory but you'll get an extra 2 points - 207 of 202 (of course, you must do the other extra's described above)!

When you shoot a Sarien, you'll earn a couple of points. However, if you shoot another one, you'll start losing points (you're blowing your cover!). Now, the interesting part is that there's a bug in the point system. Continue shooting Sariens until you've got no points left. When you shoot another Sarien, you'll get 254 points all of the sudden! For gun food, just walk out of a room, and return over and over again. Sariens appear at random.

Included in the box of the original release of Space Quest 1 EGA are two coupons. One for the Droids-B-Us store and the other one for the Oasis Bar. The fun is you can actually use these coupons in the game. When buying your droid at Droids-B-Us, Roger will give one of the coupons automatically, but in the bar you have to type "GIVE THE COUPON". For your trouble, you'll receive 5 bucks and a Keronian Ale from the bartender. These coupons aren't included in most collections and budget releases

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agentq wrote:The version of Inherit the Earth that I have runs perfectly on Scummvm ds, although I did have a report that the German version didn't work. I haven't gotten a chance to check that out yet.

When you say it gets to the title screen on the Dreamcast, does it not get past that point? Which version of Scummvm are you using on the Dreamcast?
I don't know what version I have on my Dreamcast...I haven't used my Dreamcast in ages. It's really the DS that I care about. I use the US CD (Windows) version of the game. I've beaten it several times on my computer, and was just playing it the other day, in fact. I use R4DS, I don't know if that makes a difference, and maybe I'm having problems because I put the entire folder (from Windows) on my R4, instead of just the 4 files you say are needed. What 4 are they, again?

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