Voice/SFX in games ? (ie DOTT, Sam & Max, ...)

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Voice/SFX in games ? (ie DOTT, Sam & Max, ...)

Post by azera »


Is there any way to get speach and/or sound effect in games on the ds port ? In exemple, I'm 95% sure DOTT and S&M had vocal speech, and some nice sound effect (well, i guess it's considered as speech in the game anyway), but I can't get them to play.

The music is working fine.

I've downloaded the latest version of scummvmds (0.91)

I'm playing the french cd version of both, and thus have


for DOTT, and


For Sam & Max

All settings are left to default

ScummVM detects them ad French/CD (nota: it detects dott as french/cd?, with the ?)

As already said, I get the music fully working. I don't have any error line on the console.

Is it possible on ds ? What did i do wrong ?

Thanks for the help
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Post by thebawp »

Can't speak for DoTT, but Sam and Max speech definately does work with ScummVM DS- from what I can tell you have all the required files so it's strange that you're not hearing any sound. Could be something to do with it being a French version?
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Post by Metal_Spirit »

Yes.. I´ve tested it and sound works...

Are your .SOU files the original ones? Are you shure they are not MP3 versions renamed to .sou? If this is the case, just rename them to .so3, but be ready for some slowdowns since mp3 is demanding on the cpu.
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