The "thank you" agentq thread

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The "thank you" agentq thread

Post by MetroidPrime »

This thread is dedicated to agentq, who brings us so much fun with ScummVM DS and doesn't give up supporting more devices. Post your thanks to him.

Thank you agentq, your hard work is really appreciated :D

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Post by Metal_Spirit »

Well... He shure works hard. I have been using scummvm ds since the m3 version, and really enjoying playing old games. Agentq really did a nice work there, so the least I can do is to show my grattitude.

Thanks for your work and your patience on keeping up with us all. ;)

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Post by jelbo »

Yeah, thanks a lot for all the work on getting ScummVM DS to work on all the different flashcarts out there. And thanks for being around and listening to user feature requests (like my proposed and now implemented fixed 200% screen scale option I'm really happy with!). Keep up the good work :)

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Post by Scandal_UK »

I've followed this project since it first appeared and enjoyed old classics that I bought ages ago and never got around to playing!

Probably never would if it wasn't for ScummVM-DS!

I haven't tried a non-zip method as I only have a G6 lite - but I can appreciate the driver problems - I'm a programmer too, and I would never have time for a project like this!

Nice one AgentQ - and thanks for constantly improving "an already great" emulator!

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Post by tlv »

I can only follow my pre-posters. ScummVM is definately the best homebrew app for the nintendo ds and was one of the reasons why i bought one.

So many, many thanks to you agentq for this great port of scummvm. :)

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Post by kedest83 »

yes, agentq, you rock!
scummvm is by far the best* homebrew application on my ds!
you're doing an awesome job trying to make it compatible with the wide variety of cards, excellent job!

*well actually, it's the only one ;)
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Post by Mortys »

Like everybody here, I'd like to thank you for the great works you've to permit us all to (re)play to those great games in so good conditions. Everytimes I show some piece of DS homebrew to people, the first one is ScummVM DS !
One more time
Thanks a lot !

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Post by Spyder »

you rock agentq, thanks for all the hard work to keep us happy :D

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Post by agentq »

Thank you to everyone who posted here. It's good to be appreciated. This board certainly has has a huge number of posts in the short time it's been running.

The next thing you'll see is the final 0.9.1 version appearing on the ScummVM downloads page when 0.9.1 is released. I've got a major update to the ScummVM DS website planned for the same day.

Although it'll probably be a while until the next version, I already have some new features in mind - which I'm going to keep to myself for now.

It's going to be good to get some free time back, I've been spending all my spare time on ScummVM for the past few weeks, and that's with doing 11 hour days at work.

Have fun with the games!

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Post by dourden »

so simply, thanks for your time :)

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Post by caw »


Thanks for the work and for listening to suggestions and handing out advice (with much patience / generosity).

Also, looking forward to seeing the ScummDS website re-design!

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Post by animall »


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Post by zeravlam »

I totally agree. You are great, man. And your work is awesome. Thanks for all your effort!!


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Post by GriffNorris »

Appreciate the hard work that has been done, thanks in advance, just hope I can use it soon.

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Post by kyng-wu »

I wanna thank agentq for his work and for this great project. :arrow: :!: :D

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