ScummVM Test Builds for DSi/3DS support: Download here!

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ScummVM Test Builds for DSi/3DS support: Download here!

Post by agentq »

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a very long time coming. I haven't been able to spend much time on ScummVM DS lately, but I've finally found time to make some builds which will hopefully sort out the issues many of you were having with DSi and 3DS touch screens not working properly with ScummVM.

If you do have a DSi or 3DS, these builds enable the fast CPU mode on these devices giving you smoother performance on all games.

Also, these builds will run Full Throttle and The Dig (two of my favourites) if you have a DSi, using it's extra RAM. Please use the scummvm-l.nds file to run those games. This one file is only intended for DSi, the others will also run on DS as before.

Download the new builds here: ...

Pleae post below if you have any issues getting it running.
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Post by eggwolio »

Apologies if I sound like a noob, but does this version support toonstruck by any chance?
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Post by md5 »

eggwolio wrote:Apologies if I sound like a noob, but does this version support toonstruck by any chance?
No, Toonstruck is a SVGA hires game (640x400 resolution). As per the DS readme:
ds-readme wrote:There is no support for Windows Humongous Entertainment games, Broken Sword,
and all other games that run at 640x480 resolution. The DS cannot cope with
scaling these games down to 256x192, the resolution of the DS screens.
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Post by another world »

Hi AgentQ =)

I completely missed this in January. I will grab them and get some testing completed. I can't wait to try out Full Throttle on the DSi-XL.

-Another World
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Post by another world »

I finally found the time to test this and hit a wall early on. I am testing using a DSi XL running v1.4.1 firmware and the Sudokuhax DSi Ware exploit. The exploit loads HB Menu after which you can select homebrew to boot. Once ScummVM DS boots it fails the DLDI check and will go no further. I am unsure how file access is handled with HB Menu, all I can say is that the other DSi-Mode EMUs (Quake ports by elhobbs, Atari emulators by Alekmaul) that I am using are able to load ROMs (and audio -- for Quake 1 & 2) from the internal SD card without issue. There is at least read access. Would it be possible to disable the DLDI check? I am unsure if there is write access, when I get a chance I will try making a save state if the Atari EMU supports it. I realize that ScummVM DS will eventually want to write an .INI file, and that this could be another potential problem.

Unfortunately I do not have access to my iEvo and will not for a few months. The DSi Ware exploit is currently my only means of obtaining DSi-Mode on my DSi XL.

-Another World
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Post by Calavera138 »

Hey guys,

Just want to start by saying that I love scummVM and I appreciate everything that you guys do. Nice to see the love of point and click adventure games is still alive and well!

I've been using scummVM for a while and as I've now got a 3ds and discovered that scummVM has been updated to work with it, I dusted off my copy of Full Throttle (free with a PC magazine in the 90's) and transfered all the files to my Supercard DSTwo. The strange thing is, whenever I try to run either FT or The Dig, the screen goes black and crashes the 3ds. All my other games work but the fast CPU mode doesn't show up.

I'm thinking this might be an issue with the Supercard DSTwo, but I'm no where near smart enough to find a work around or how to code. Any help or advise would be great!
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Post by Garcimak »

thanks agentq, late to the party but tried yesterday on my DSi along with ievo flashcard, i could get build D with Fascination working.

Getting black screen with build_E launching inherit the earth CD (was previously booting with old DS build)
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