Flight of the Amazon Queen CD version crashes on 1.2.1 DS

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Flight of the Amazon Queen CD version crashes on 1.2.1 DS

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but it can't be intentional.

Running Flight of the Amazon Queen (the freeware CD release that's available here on the site) on my Nintendo DSi here. The game runs well enough until I get to the bellhop in the hotel and I have to speak to him. At random points during the conversation, the game will simply stop working, but the music and voice continues to skip and stutter along. I have noticed this especially if Joe asks the bellhop "Anderson owns this hotel!?", so it may not be *so* random!

Could this perhaps be a bug in the DS port? Or something else? The DS ports has several builds, listed A through K; FOTAQ runs on the "B" build, but Beneath a Steel Sky, which also works on the "B" build, runs flawlessly on my DSi.

My setup is as follows:

* ScummVM 1.2.1
* AceKard 2i, on Nintendo DSi
* akAIO 1.8.9 software on said card
* 16GB A-Data Class 6 mSDHC card

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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