RTZ - Keeps crashing at Dwarven Mine on DS

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RTZ - Keeps crashing at Dwarven Mine on DS

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I am playing "Return To Zork" using 'scummvm-1.2.1-ds' on the DS. However I am not able to pass the Dwarven Mine section of the game. Whenever I press on the mine-cart, the game freezes. I have reset the game over 10 times, but it keeps happening. I have played through with 2 versions of the game (both of them were official CD-ROM versions).
I have not had any other problems whilst playing this game (except for a few minor freezes in the hotel room [after the dream with Morpheus] but after resetting the game, it worked again).

[ If you are wondering - I have "R4i-sdhc (V1.4)" with an update of Ver1.40b ] but I don't really see that as the issue, since RTZ is working fine on my DS up until that point of the game.

Just wondering if anyone else has any problems with this section of the game? Or there are any known problems? Thanks.

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