Help! ScummVM DS 1.1.0 with PassKey3 and EZ-Flash IV

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Help! ScummVM DS 1.1.0 with PassKey3 and EZ-Flash IV

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I'm having problems with getting ScummVM DS to run using a PassKey3 and EZ-Flash IV. When I try to run the app, my DS freezes!

I see that EZ-Flash IV needs the ".ds.gba" version renamed to ".nds," so I've done that and have tried running an unpatched file and a file patched using dlditool32 and ezsd.dldi, both giving the same results.

Does the file have to be sent to the SD card using the EZ4 Client? I have added the program to the database but when I click "Send," nothing happens.

What can I do?
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Post by another world »

the old ez flash slot-2 devices (including the IV which is still produced) have not had a ds update for a very long time. it is actually recommended that you do not use them for ds games and homebrew, but rather for gba files. with that said, scummvmds has not worked for me on a few ez flash products. i always get two black screens.

i recommend that you ask other ez flash users intead of asking other scummvmds users.

try posting here:

-another world
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