How does one use the daily snapshots of the DS port?

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How does one use the daily snapshots of the DS port?

Post by marzipan »

Lately I've noticed that the daily builds for the DS version adopt the same plugins idea as most of the other ports, which probably explains why a v1.3.0 release of it isn't out yet, amirite? ;)

However, when I attempt to run one of these on my DS Lite (using a TTDS and YSMenu), the frontend works but attempting to add any game to the list causes something like a "black screen of death", with numerous errors spilling out over the top of the screen. Somehow I'm concerned that it could be a RAM issue, even though I've got an EZFlash 3-in-1 cart plugged into the GBA slot. Is my unit just not suitable for these builds somehow? :(

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Post by Red_Breast »

I haven't tried it yet myself but I've just downloaded it. Looking at all the plug-ins and bearing in mind that the DS can only really handle games from the days of DOS I'm sure many of the plug-ins just won't work. It looks like the build process outputs a plug-in for all the engines automatically but actually a number of them are pointless I'd think. Unless, that is, agentq has managed to get extra ram working for all engines or for the DSi. I don't keep up with the latest developments in the DS world that well. The only games I know of that work with extra ram are Full Throttle and The Dig and that binary wasn't included with the main package.
It was only recently that I noticed the Wii package comes the same way and I haven't tried that either yet. Any recent use of ScummVM by myself has been on desktop.
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Post by Buleste »

I've tried the stable version and the test version on iSmart MM on a DSi and whilst it's possible to start the frontend as marzipan said, if you try to add any game (even ones that are supported by the DS version) then you get a bsod and if you already have games setup from previous versions of SCUMMVMDS (it only lists the games you had setup for the A version) then you just get 2 black screens.

I can't wait till we actually get a truly stable version.
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

I'm trying to use the latest development and stable builds on my DS but nothing works. I get both black screens when I try to add a game and when I try to play it. Nothing works at all. I'm using a DSphat and an R4DS.
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Post by agentq »

Currently, the daily snapshots are only useful for testing compilation - they don't actually work. The plugin system for it was done by a Google Summer of Code student and never quite finished.

I suggest people keep with the stable builds.
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