What is the correct format for speech in Simon 2?

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What is the correct format for speech in Simon 2?

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I have an original CD of Simon The Sorcerer 2 for the PC (I also have the Amiga CD version as well) and I'm struggling to get the speech working. I've tried using the SCUMMVMTools to convert the Simon2.VOC file to Vorbis .OGG but that hasn't worked I've would've tried converting it to MP3 but I can't find a version of lame that will work with SCUMMVMTools. There is no point trying to convert it to FLAC as the DS doesn't support FLAC and I'm trying to find a programme that will convert .VOC into the 4bit mono .WAV IMA-ADPCM but with no luck at all. I've looked through the forums for answers but none of the threads have given what the filename for the new file should be let alone a way to convert it.

Can anyone help me?

EDIT:O.K. I've managed to get LAME and the mp3 version working but is there any other less CPU intensive method?
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Post by agentq »

The original voc file from the CD will work fine! No conversion is needed.

Did you try that?
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I know this thread has been created and no post for a couple of months now but i got the same dilemma, even the format that has been said is not working.
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