M3 Zero (GMP-Z003)on DSi XL - Sound Problems

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M3 Zero (GMP-Z003)on DSi XL - Sound Problems

Post by alf »

Hey there.

I am having sound issues on all the games i play with ScummVM DS v1.2.1 on my DSi XL. The sound problems match those described on this forum and by the earlier posted video link by jhemperly.


Can someone please advise if there's a solution using _this_ setup, that is without replacing my flashcart?

another world
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hi alf,
have you tried re-encoding the sound files?
Format: WAV
Compression: IMA ADPCM
Samplerate: 22050 Hz
Channels: Mono
On the fly encoding: On
adjusting the sample rate has allowed me to get some audio playing without issue, i have also raised the sample rate with much success. it could very well come down to the speed of your flash kit, they are not all built equally, i've had the fewest problems using my acekard 2.1/2i (with akaio), and my original r4 (with wood). with that said, i've had minor sound issues and hiccups on occasion which i attribute to running scumm games on a nds (not the most powerful handheld for simultaneous video/audio decoding of homebrew emulation)

-another world
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