N900 - Beginning

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N900 - Beginning

Post by aafr99 »

I just found out about ScummVM use in Nokia N900. I downloaded ScummVM from OVIStore link and installed it in my phone. The problem is that after that i'm lost!
I have absolutly no idea how to make the program find the game that i have transfered to my phone.
The game is saved in the .documents paste. There's no link to that folder in the ScummVM program. I found out, looking at other messages, that i need to save the game files into the SCUMMvm folder. The problem is that that folder isnt visible for me to save it. I guess i'll need to use the TERMINAL to do it, but again, i have no idea what code to use!
Hope you guys can help me.
Ps. This is a good topic for unexperient persons to look into when starting to use the program.

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Post by fingolfin »

Please do not cross post (I just deleted the copy of your post in the Help&Support forum).

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