Can't run Broken Sword 1 or 2 on N900

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Can't run Broken Sword 1 or 2 on N900

Post by oosho »

I downloaded those files:
1- Broken Sword Cutscene Pack (English, DXA compression)
2- Broken Sword II Cutscene Pack (all languages, DXA compression)
Although i am sure i am in the correct directory where I saved and unzipped the files, when I try to open them with scummvm 1.1.1 on my n900 it just says that scummvm couldn't find any game in the specified folder??
what should I do..I am really excited about playing BS2..

LOL..I'm Sorry I just realized that I acctually have to download the game files and then add the cutscenes if they are not already presenet...Sorry again.

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