Goblins 2 Save/Load hanging up on N800

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Goblins 2 Save/Load hanging up on N800

Post by valdek »

Hi there!

I've been using ScummVM 0.11.0 and I tried out Goblins 2, which runs really well. The only problem is that when I select SAVE or LOAD from the in-game menu the app process hangs up :/. It would be pretty hard to play comfortably without any way to save/load the game.

Does anyone have the same problem and solution maybe?


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Post by fanoush »

not sure about goblins 2 (don't have it) but goblins 1 needs to enter keycode which is currently impossible to do with 770/N800 without bluetooth or usb keyboard attached. You can try it in scummvm on PC and let me know how exactly it should work.

For limitations and list of games with customized keymapping changes for Nokia tablets see

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