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Post by Uncle_Enzo »

i know there are several fullscreen threads in this forum :] but is there a scaler for 320x200 -> 800x480 ? i want to play some games at fullscreen without this black border around -.- (maybe there's a way to set the nokia resolution to 640x400 while playing with scummvm?)
- thanks

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Post by fanoush »

LCD displays in general has only one physical resolution. For N770 it means only 800x480. Currently 2x software scaling is used but the hardware can do this too so it will be eventually used to speed things up a bit.

Other resolutions would need non-integer scaling factor which would IMO look pretty ugly and would be CPU intensive.

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Post by pcsuse »

Nokia 770 measures 5.5in. x 3.1in x 0.7in. LCD display, and what a display it is: 16-bit color at 800x480. It runs something called "Internet Tablet 2005 Software Edition" which is actually a tweaked version of Debian.

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