scummvm-1.1.1-ps2 freezes

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scummvm-1.1.1-ps2 freezes

Post by Mr.Broken »

Yo people

Okay so first of all i got ps2 slim with a crystalchip mod so launching homebrew on the ps2 in general is not a problem .
So im starting my bootmanger run uLaunchELF v4.42 from there on i choose the scummvm.elf (also tried the other one , pure desperation) the one without the network and hdd support , so far so good then i see this helix twisting and stuff but it allways freezes at that part . Do i have to install scummVM to my memorycard or do i have to burn it on cd as far as i know it should be working if i start the elf from a hdd , usbstick or cd/dvd .And what about that ScummVM.ini where do i get it , do i realy need it , its not included in this zip ... p/download .

so thanks in advance to anyone whos kind enough to help me .

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Post by theink »

Do you know that there are posts that have 11286 views and only 11 responses. That makes the chance of getting a quality answer at least 1 on 1000.

I have been asking exactly the same question here couple of times and so far i have no luck in getting any answer.

What I understand is that every user needs to compile his own version of the emulator.
They are using some software or a pack of different softwares that they call toolchain. As it seems the job is not as easy as the standard windows version or the psp version as well.
There is no any proper tutorial on how to compile the thing.
You can check at the wiki page from time to time in hope that this information will be updated some day. ... yStation_2
I have also found an info about the compiling there ... yStation_2
but to me it is meaningless since i don't know any coding and again there no any details on what is what.
You can find the toolchain easily if you just type it in google (the link in the wiki doesn't work) but you still got to know what you are doing.

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Post by stanleyek »

I hate registering on forums.
I've had the same situation few times. After deleting configuration files from MC - program worked fine. I was runing ScummVM from usb stick. Games (for example translated to polish monkey island 1) are also running smoothly and without problems.
I've noiticed that freezing can occurs while you're changing paths in configuration of scummvm.

Maybe this will helps. Sorry for my english.

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Post by sunmax »

Hi there,

did you try changing your uLaunchELF RESET IOP ? (off->on or viceversa)

did you try with a different version of uLaunchELF ?

There were multiple people successful to start it from uLaunchELF, so it should definitely be possible. Alas there are so many PS2 mods, versions of the launcher, possible configurations, that supporting all of them can get tricky.

But with a bit of perseverance (and some help from the forum ;-)) you can normally get ScummVM for PS2 to run just fine.

The ScummVM.ini file is the equivalent of .scummvmrc in Linux, the reason why we don't provide one is that its content depends on the games you install and their location, so there is not a universal one.

The reason for the lock are normally a stale/corrupted ScummVM.ini somewhere, or a wrong path in the settings.

On a slim, I'd suggest to use the version without network, since there have been reports of crash with it on PS2 slim.

Hope these notes help.


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Post by Mr.Broken »

did you try changing your uLaunchELF RESET IOP ? (off->on or viceversa)
did you try with a different version of uLaunchELF ?
yup turned it on/off and checked many different versions of ulaunch, still not working :x

so to make this clear there is no way to start scummvm on ps2 without creating the ini yourself, its not like the pc version that just starts and creates the ini?

cause i installed free mc boot over at a friends, i just downloaded the newest scummvm version for ps2 and it started without any problems and i didnt create a scummvm.ini, shouldnt it freeze in the loading helix screen cause there is no scummvm.ini to be found just like on my ps2?

if i really have to create the whole ini from scratch where can i find a detailed faq on this topic?
The reason for the lock are normally a stale/corrupted ScummVM.ini somewhere, or a wrong path in the settings.
i formated my whole mc just to make sure that there are no corrupted scummvm.ini files (its clean, there is nothing on it other than the crystalchip bootmanager and ulaunch), concerning the wrong paths i never had the chance to choose any paths cause it freezes at loading screen without ever showing me the actual scumm vm menu.

so at this point im so fuckin frustrated that i consider buying a fat ps2 (even though i allready own a slim ps2 with crystalchip installed) and just install free mc boot on it cause it worked for my friend, he didnt need to write his own scummvm.ini or had to check every build of ulaunch for compatibility with scummvm, i just copied it on his usb stick and it worked without any hassle i couldnt believe it, it was sooo easy, no trouble at all. :cry:

my next try will be to deactivate my crystal chip, install free mc boot on my memorycard and try to boot scumm vm via ulaunch as usal if that fails i can be sure that there is no error/bug/hardwareissue triggered by the crystal chip bootmanager or the chip itself.

i also would like to try to create a dvd with scumm vm on it but i have no clue where to get the dvd image or how to create it myself, is it possible to create a dvd with the newest scumm vm?

i put sooo much time in this and it still doesnt work are there reports on some chips or playstation2 models that are just not capable of running scummvm?

@sunmax thanks in advance for your help, its so hard to find any information concerning the ps2 version of scummvm so any advice is appreciated.

@theink some day it will run on our ps2 consoles at least i hope so :wink:

every advice is greatly apperciated...

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