Scumm VM on PS2 doesn't work

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Scumm VM on PS2 doesn't work

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I tried to burn the disc and put in there a game that i want to play, but I'm just getting a message "this disc could not be played"

I followed all the instructions in the tutorial witch is very old by the way and there is obviously missing information in it.
I have read the README.PS2 file from the last releace (1.1.1)
"If you are starting ScummVM from CD/DVD then it will look for ScummVM.ini on the first MC and then on CD itself. In any other case it will look for a ScummVM.ini on the media folder from where you started SCUMMVM.ELF."
I don't have such a file for the PS2 port and there is no information how to produce one or from where to take it.

I looked on the other ports of the emulator and found out that the ini file contains the information about the chosen options of the game and also it's directory.
Is that the reason why i can not run the emulator properly?

In any way I have read other posts complaining about the same problem and in the most of the cases they don't get any help.
Is there someone who actually succeeded in writing a working version of the emulator?

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