Info on the PS2 port needed

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Info on the PS2 port needed

Post by Oddysee » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:34 pm

As I am now able to boot homebrew on my PS2, I thought I would give ScummVM a try. It works perfectly. Anyway, I would like some basic info on it. Namely, the controls when using a controller and also anything that I might find useful. Thanks in advance.

This is assuming that the info in the sticky has changed of course.

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Post by phoenixclaws » Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:28 am

If you read the README.PS2 file under the DOCS folder in the zip archive that you downloaded, it would tell you the general controls in using ScummVM for PS2. Plus the various amount of information and ability that PS2 ScummVM is able to emulate at present.

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*** Gamepad ***

The mapping is:

Start Button         -   GMM
R1                   -   'y'
L1                   -   'n'
R2                   -   '.'
L2                   -   Numpad 0
Triangle             -   Escape
Square               -   Enter
Cross                -   Left mouse button
Circle               -   Right mouse button
There is no virtual keyboard at present and I dunno if one will ever be coded in. I think if you have a compatible usb keyboard plugged in you can then type but otherwise yer SOL.

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