PS2 0.13.1 Feedback (Bugs/Issues)

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PS2 0.13.1 Feedback (Bugs/Issues)

Post by Junebug » Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:31 am

Hello this is for Max Lingua.

I have been trying ScummVM 0.13.1 on my Fat and Slim PS2, running FMCB1.8 from a USB key, and there are some issues/bugs. Hope this helps:-

(1) ScummVm.ini file. There appears to be an issue with the writing of the configuration options. Upon running ScummVM.elf the first time, the green/black screen is correctly displayed to add games. I tested Broken Sword, so I added the game and ran it. The screen resolution is perfect (excellent!) however, the audio and video are still running quick. That is, I think we may have an NTSC issue still on PAL Slim models, and that the game is running approx. 17% quicker than it should.

(2) Upon restating the PS2, and running the ScummVM.elf file, the screen displays the 010101 helix, but then restarts to FMCB. I tried this numerous times - but ScummVM will not load. I then entered UlaunchElf and deleted the ScummVM.ini file and ran the scummVM.elf again. This time it loaded successfully. I added another game (Monkey1) and played it (17% too fast). Restarted PS2 and tried to run ScummVM.elf again. Again, did not load and rebooted to FMCB. As such, I can get ScummVM.elf to load only by deleting the ScummVm.ini file using ULaunchElf and then running it - but I can never keep my game settings.

(3) I tried the Fat PS2 but could not get that far. It errors on trying to run: PS2SMAP.IRX which I believe is the PS2Network Adapter driver. My Fat PS2 does not have a Network Adapter installed.

Thats it so far - hope the feedback helps - this version of ScummVM will be fantastic when we can iron these issues out.

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Post by Damonfeuer » Sun May 17, 2009 9:08 pm

I'd like to respond to what Junebug has said above and add a few of my own comments:-

ScummVM.ini corruption - I too have had this on various memory cards and USB drive. It nearly always corrupts but occaisonally it survives intact.

Fat PS2 with no NA - This is unfortunately unable to use the released build. If you can compile the source this can be solved easily by modifying "irxboot.cpp" to remove loading of the net and HDD modules. A nice side effect is that if you have an NA, but intend to play from USB anyway it save the NA from initialising so it's much quieter. An obvious solution might be to release two builds in the package - with and without NA support.

Higher pitched audio - It's quite noticeable on the Simon games that i tested. Looking at the source it doesn't seem to be a NTSC/Pal issue, more a general timing issue. In the "systemps2.cpp" if you change the mixer output sampling rate from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz it (seems to my ears) dramatically improves the pitch.

Stability - 0.13.1 seems a little unstable, when testing a couple of FM-Towns games it has seemed to randomly crash if you bring up the menu.

Unfortunately these issues prevent me from using 0.13.1 but with a few tweaks it would be great.

If its ok as a temporary help to other users - if anyone would be interested in a compiled version of 0.12.0 with 48 KHZ sample rate, Max's 0.13.1 GFX features backported and two builds with/out NA support or 0.13.1 with NA disabled and 48 KHz. Just post your requirements and and i could upload it to something like Rapidshare or whatever.

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Post by Damonfeuer » Thu May 21, 2009 2:02 pm

After much experimentation, the INI corruption seems to be a symptom of memory corruption. If RTL and modern theme are disabled the INI is fine. Just have to track the cause down.

In the meantime I've compiled a test build with the following if anyone wants to try:-

>Most engines included
>Return to Launcher disabled - corrupts ScummVM.ini if enabled
>Don't enable themes - will corrupt ScummVM.ini
>48KHz sound pitch fix(?)
>NA and HDD disabled - should be fine for all PS2s

Download it here:-
EDIT removed - no point using it anymore

Still probably unstable but some games are much improved in 0.13.1 e.g. Simon the Sorcerer.

Warning - Was playing Simon the Sorcerer and it eventually corrupted my save.
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Post by mac_es » Thu May 21, 2009 2:28 pm

How have you fixed the 48KHz sound?

also you should provide the patch into the patch tracker

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Post by Damonfeuer » Fri May 22, 2009 1:39 pm

mac_es wrote:How have you fixed the 48KHz sound?

also you should provide the patch into the patch tracker
Just a trivial change as i described in the previous post - in "systemps2.cpp" the sound subsystem seems to be getting prepared for 48KHz but in the released build/source, the PS2 sample output rate was set at 44.1KHz resulting in higher pitched audio.

Ideally before saying that this is how it should be, some other people should test this - maybe it is my ears deceiving me :).

Incase anybody wants to test the 48KHz sound but not on this more risky version, I'll release my tweaked build of 0.12.0:-

EDIT - no point using it anymore

Two builds with Network Adapter/HDD support disabled/enabled
Output Sample rate changed to 48KHz (Seems to help pitch problems)
Max Lingua's 0.13.1 Graphics changes backported

Engines compiled:-

Main Version - Scumm, AGOS, Drascula, Kyra, Lure, Sky, Sword1 and Sword2

Other Version - AGI, Cine, Cruise, HE, Igor, Made, Parallaction, Queen, Saga, Touche

If running on USB simply copy the entire folder to USB and run whatever version you desire. Should add that Lure of the Temptress seems to take forever to load, but if you are VERY patient it seems to run ok.

This version seems very stable but of course some engines are inferior to later ScummVM builds. Personally i notice that Simon the Sorcerer is inferior, but my other games are about the same.

Simon the Sorcerer problems fixed in version 2:-
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Post by Junebug » Wed May 27, 2009 11:02 pm

This is excellent work Damonfeuer, well done! I am looking forward to running this later - when Broken Sword kicks in with the correct pitch, I'll be giving you a Hi-5!

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