Clear instructions for hdd users please

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Clear instructions for hdd users please

Post by Bison »

Hi there,

I'm new at this so apologies for any questions that have been answered already, i have looked around but can't find many answers...

Basically i have ScummVM on my hdd and want to make a playable dvd (can games be played off USB)? I am unsure about the ini file nad where it should go, i am also unsure about the .elf file, does there have to be one on the disc or is the one on my usb/hdd the only one i need? I am trying to run BS and it will work in Windows but not in my ps2.....

Where does the ini file need to go? does it need to go in the root of where scummVM is installed or with the game itself?

any help appreciated!! :D
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Post by lavosspawn »

I can't really comment on running ScummVM from a particular device, as has nothing to do with ScummVM itself. You just need an appropriate tool like uLaunchElf that can boot it.

Yes, ScummVM can run games from USB devices.

I wouldn't worry about the .ini at all. ScummVM creates one automatically and saves it on the memory card in slot 1. Storing it on USB or HDD is a bad idea as ScummVM will only read it (and use the contents) but can't update the file if you add additional games or change any settings. Manually creating an ini file is just an additional feature for people who want to create custom CDs with appropriate settings (so ScummVM will only show games that actually are on the corresponding CD)
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