ScummVM + uLaunchELF + Pendrive = WTF??

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ScummVM + uLaunchELF + Pendrive = WTF??

Post by jedimtrick »

Ok, this is what happens:

I have a modded PS2 and my chip can boot directly from the Pendrive. So i boot the uLaunchELF, run the ScummVM PS2 Port but it simply does not show my games on the pendrive. I double-tap the X button and it keeps loading the same screen, with a "mass:" appearing on top. And when i try to "choose" the usb mass storage i end up at the PS2 browser.

I have a Kingston DataTraveller 1GB and I'm trying to run Atlantis, Monkey1,Monkey2 and Samnmax. It's a 50001 PS2. Chip is Thunder Pro II

Maybe something to do with the folders? I simply put them at the root.

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